X Movement's Online Health & Wellness Resource.

All of our energizing programs are now available to stream in the classroom or home.

10+ Years Teaching

Wellness & Life Skills

1.3 Million Kids

Impacted in Schools

100% Positive Energy

In Every Experience


Our programs can now be streamed

In the classroom or at home

For teachers, parents & kids.

Daily Physical

200+ short 3-10 minute videos on-demand to help with DPA in the classroom and home.


We embed mindfulness into everything we do. The X Movement Classroom is no different!

Social & Emotional

Our programs touch on different aspects of SEL to encourage happy, healthy and positive kids.

Teacher & Parent

Our exclusive online community where you'll learn world-class strategies and tips + tricks.

We help teachers, parents and kids with

Daily Physical Activity
Safe, Socially Distanced Fun
Easy To Use Resources
Social Emotional Learning

Meet Our Instructors

Our group of rockstars get kids moving safely, while having loads of fun at the same time!

- Jake <br> Age 8
Tilly is so cool. She is so funny and kind.

- Jake
Age 8

- Silvie <br> Age 11
I like using the mindfulness videos when I feel stressed.

- Silvie
Age 11

- Noah <br> Age 9
They are so funny. I wish I could meet them in real life.

- Noah
Age 9

- Olivia <br> Age 11
I feel better when I do X Movement every day. I like how they give me things to think about and questions to ask my friends.

- Olivia
Age 11

- Madison <br> Age 9
I love the dancing and Aussie animals. I like how they make me feel calm and happy.

- Madison
Age 9

- Ethan <br> Age 7
I love dancing, yoga and fitness because it makes me feel healthy and fit.

- Ethan
Age 7

- Elijah <br> Age 10
I was so bored but it helped me come up with new games to play with my friends.

- Elijah
Age 10

- Jacob <br> Age 7
I wish X Movement could come to my school so we could meet Sloth in real life.

- Jacob
Age 7

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