X Movement for your Classroom and Home.

All of our energizing programs are now available via our Virtual Classroom.

10+ Years Teaching

Wellness & Life Skills

1.3 Million Kids

Impacted in Schools

100% Positive Energy

In Every Experience


Our energizing programs are available via our

Virtual Health & Wellness Classroom

For Teachers, Parents and Kids.

Daily Physical

150+ short 3-10 minute videos on-demand to help with DPA in the classroom and home.


We embed mindfulness into everything we do. The X Movement Classroom is no different!

Social & Emotional

Our programs touch on different aspects of SEL to encourage happy, healthy and positive kids.

Teacher & Parent

Our exclusive online community where you'll learn world-class strategies and tips + tricks.

We Help Kids Struggling With

Lack of Confidence
Low Energy

Meet Our Instructors

Qualified Positive Youth Development Leaders support kids every step of the way.

- Sasha <br> Age 8
X Movement is my favourite part of the day!

- Sasha
Age 8

- Jake <br> Age 8
Tilly is so cool. She is so funny and kind. She taught me how to think positively especially when I am scared.

- Jake
Age 8

- Silvie <br> Age 11
They made me feel energized. I like using the mindfulness activities when I feel stressed or I need to focus for homework.

- Silvie
Age 11

- Noah <br> Age 9
They are so funny. I wish I could meet them in real life. I want to be like Rick because I love skateboarding too.

- Noah
Age 9

- Olivia <br> Age 11
I feel better when I do X Movement every day. I like how they give me things to think about and questions to ask my friends.

- Olivia
Age 11

- Madison <br> Age 9
The club is so much fun. I get to do it with my friends. Socks teaches us how to think positively and be a good person. He chal...

- Madison
Age 9

- Ethan <br> Age 7
I love dancing, yoga and fitness because it makes me feel healthy and fit. I love to draw with Goose too.

- Ethan
Age 7

- Elijah <br> Age 10
I was so bored but it helped me come up with new games to play with my friends.

- Elijah
Age 10

- Jacob <br> Age 7
I wish X Movement could come to my school so we could meet Sloth in real life. He is funny and I like how he teaches me how to ...

- Jacob
Age 7

Invite-Only Clubs

Small group and 1-on-1 mentorship.
Meet new friends, complete daily and weekly challenges. Be a Founding Club Member and earn a special prize!


Coming Soon

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